Important Days ( Jan – Dec) 2015

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2015 Important Days (Jan – Dec)


2015 Important Days (Jan – Dec)







January 09


  • Remembered Day : Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (NRI Day)
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : To Mark the contribution of the overseas Indian community to the development of India. The day commemorates the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa in Bombay on 9 January 1915.


January 10


  • Remembered Day : World Hindi Day Organized: India – Ministry of External Affairs


January 12


  • Remembered Day : National Youth Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : To Mark birth anniversary of social reformer, philosopher and thinker Swami Vivekananda


January 15


  • Remembered Day :  67th Army Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : Our Lieutenant General K.M Cariappa take over as the first Commander-in-chief of the Indian Army from Francis Butcher, the last British Commander-in-Chief of India.


January 18


  • Remembered Day : National Immunization Day (Polio Day)
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : Focusing national efforts on promoting and crying out specific immunization campaigns, such as that for Poliomyelitis.


January 23


  • Remembered Day : 118th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose / National Day of Patriotism / Desh Prem Divas
  • Organized : India


January 24


  • Remembered Day : National Girl Child Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : The National Girl Child Day is celebrated to increase the awareness among people about all the inequalities faced by the girl child in the society.
  • Theme : Adolescent Girls: Issues and Challenges


January 25


  • Remembered Day : National Voters Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : To encourage young voters to take part in political process & to mark the Election Commission’s foundation day.
  • 2014 Theme : Easy Registration, Easy Correction


  • Remembered Day : National Tourism Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : To aimed at increase awareness about tourism through a range of activities.


January 26


  • Remembered Day : 66th Republic Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : Honors the date on which the constitution of india came into force on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act(1935) as the governing document of India.
  • 2014 Theme : Women Empowerment (Nari Shakti)


  • Remembered Day : 63rd International Customs Day (ICD)
  • Organized : World Customs Organization
  • Purpose : To Recognizes the role of custom officials and agencies in maintaining border Security. 2014 Theme: Coordinated border management – An inclusive approach for connecting stakeholders


January 27


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
  • Organized : UN
  • Purpose : To Remembers the Holocaust that affected many people of Jewish origin during World War II
  • 2014 Theme : Liberty, Life and the Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors


January 28


  • Remembered Day : 150th Birth Anniversary Lala Lajpat Rai
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : Born in 1865, Lala Lajpat Rai Played a pivotal role in India’s fight for independence and was popularly known as “Punjab Kesari” (Lion of Punjab). He died on Oct 30, 1928.




February 1 2015


  • Remembered Day : 38th Indian Coast Guard Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : To protects India’s maritime interests and enforces maritime law, with jurisdiction over the territorial waters of India, including its contiguous zone and exclusive economic zone.


February 2 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Wetland Day
  • Purpose : To raise public awareness of wetland values and benefits and promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands.
  • Theme : Wetlands for Our Future.


February 4 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Cancer Day
  • Organized : Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) & UN
  • Purpose : To raise awareness of cancer among the people and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.
  • Theme : ‘Not beyond us’


February 06 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
  • Organized : UN
  • Purpose : The day is being observed to make the world aware of female genital mutilation (FGM) and to promote its eradication.
  • Theme : Mobilization and Involvement of Health Personnel to Accelerate Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation.


February 10 2015


  • Remembered Day : National Deworming Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : Focused on reducing the threat of parasitic worm infections in India


February 13 2015



  • Remembered Day : World Radio Day Organized: UNESCO
  • Purpose : To promote greater participation of youth in radio, not only as listeners, but as producers and broadcasters.
  • Theme : Youth and Radio


February 20 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Day of Social Justice Organized: International Labour Organization & UN
  • Purpose : to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment.
  • Theme : Ending human trafficking and forced labour


February 21 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Mother Language Day (IMLD)
  • Organized : UNESCO & UN
  • Purpose : To promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.
  • Theme : Inclusion in and through education: Language counts


February 24 2015


  • Remembered Day : Central Excise Day Organized: India
  • Purpose : To encourage the employees of excise department to carry out the central excise duty all over the India in better way in order to prevent the corruption in goods manufacturing business as well as implement other rules to carry out best possible excise services.
  • Theme : Year of Tax Payers


February 28 2015


  • Remembered Day : National Science Day
  • Organized : India
  • Purpose : To spread the message of importance of science and its application among the people.
  • Theme : Science for Nation Building


  • Remembered Day : Rare Disease Day
  • Purpose : To raise awareness for rare diseases and improve access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families
  • Theme : Day-by-Day, Hand-in-Hand




March 01 2015


  • Remembered Day : Zero Discrimination Day
  • Purpose : To create awareness to people from all corners of the world, about the evil consequences of discrimination, to celebrate diversity, and to reject discrimination.
  • Theme : Open Up, Reach Out.


March 03 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Wildlife Day
  • Purpose : To raise awareness of the World’s flora and fauna.
  • Theme : ‘Wildlife Crime is serious, let’s get serious about wildlife crime.


  • Remembered Day : National Defence Day


March 04 2015


  • Remembered Day : National Security Day (Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas)
  • Purpose : To praise the work of security forces, who plays a major role in maintaining peace and security of the people in India.


  • Remembered Day : World Day of Fight Against Sexual Exploitation.
  • Purpose : To create awareness against sexual exploitation, which overwhelmingly involves women and Children.


March 08 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Women’s Day
  • Purpose : To celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.
  • Theme : Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!


March 10 2015


  • Remembered Day : Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Raising Day
  • Purpose : CISF is a dedicated force which provides security to a wide range of critical infrastructure assets of India.


March 12 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Kidney Day
  • Purpose : To create awareness among the people globally, about the importance of the kidneys
  • and also to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health issues.
  • Theme : Kidney Health For All


March 13 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Rotaract Day
  • Purpose : To recognize the services offered by the Rotaractors through out the World.


March 14 2015


  • Remembered Day : Pi Day
  • Purpose : Students, mathematicians and math enthusiasts all around the world celebrate Pi Day by participating in pi themed activities and contests that include making and eating pies, converting numbers such as the time or one’s age using pi, and reciting the digits of pi.


March 15 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Consumer Rights Day
  • Purpose : To promote the basic rights of all the consumers, to demand that those rights are respected and protected.
  • Theme : Helping consumers choose healthy diets.


March 18 2015


  • Remembered Day : Ordnance Factories Day
  • Purpose : The day is celebrated by displaying the rifles, guns, artillery, ammunition ..etc in exhibitions all over India.


March 20 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Happiness
  • Theme : “Your happiness is part of something bigger”


  • Remembered Day : World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People
  • Purpose : Celebrated and promoted by professionals making work for young audiences all over the world.


  • Remembered Day : World Sparrow Day
  • Purpose : To create awareness of the house sparrows and other birds to the rapidly changing environments, and of threats to their populations.


March 21 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • Purpose : Aims to remind people of racial discrimination’s negative consequences. It also encourages people to remember their obligation and determination to combat racial discrimination.
  • Theme : “Learning from historical tragedies to combat racial discrimination today”


  • Remembered Day : World Poetry Day
  • Purpose : To promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Nowruz
  • Purpose : To celebrates the start of the Persian spring festival March 21 ever year. It occurs on or around the time of the March equinox.


  • Remembered Day : World Down Syndrome Day
  • Purpose : To raise public awareness and create a single global voice for advocating for the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down syndrome.


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Forests
  • Purpose : To raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and of trees outside forests.
  • Theme : “Forests and Climate Change”


March 22 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Water Day
  • Purpose : To create awareness among the people about the importance of conservation of this valuable finite resource for the future generations.
  • Theme : Water and Sustainable Development


March 23 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Meteorological Day
  • Purpose : To support the all the countries by providing meteorological services related to natural disasters, climate and water.
  • Theme : “Climate knowledge for climate action”


March 24 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Tuberculosis Day
  • Purpose : To create awareness to the public about the dreadful tuberculosis (TB) and efforts to eliminate the disease.
  • Theme : Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone.


  • Remembered Day : International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims
  • Purpose : To promote the importance of the right to truth and justice.
  • Remembered Day : International Day for Achievers


March 25 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • Purpose : It honors the lives of those who died as a result of slavery or experienced the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. It is also an occasion to raise awareness about the dangers of racism and prejudice.
  • Theme : Women and Slavery


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members
  • Purpose : Date is the anniversary of the abduction of Alec Collett, a journalist who died while working for the UN.


March 27 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Theatre Day


March 28 2015


  • Remembered Day : Earth Hour [ 8.30PM to 9.30PM ]
  • Purpose : To create awareness for global warming and Earth Hour is a global campaign with a simple message to switch off non-essential lights for one hour




April 2 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Autism Awareness Day
  • Purpose : To raise awareness of autism on all levels in the society and to make all the UN organizations, member states, NGOs and all private and public organizations participate in WAAD.
  • Theme : Employment: The Autism Advantage


April 4 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
  • Theme : “More than Mines”
  • Purpose : UN is working towards raising awareness about landmines and other threats and progressing towards their eradication.


April 6 2015


  • Remembered Day : 2nd International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
  • Purpose : To recognizes the power of sport in promoting peace and erasing cultural barriers world wide.


April 7 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda
  • Purpose : UN made an awareness raising appeal to help avert acts of genocide in future. The International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda has been commemorated every year since 2004 to avoid the mistakes of the past.


  • Remembered Day : World Health Day
  • Theme : Food safety – the global view
  • Purpose : To mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948 & focus on increasing the life expectancy by adding good health to the lives of people and promoting healthier living habits.


April 11 2015


  • Remembered Day : National Safe Motherhood Day 2015
  • Theme : ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ – Citizens participation and engagement for improving women’s and children’s health.
  • Purpose : To create awareness on proper healthcare and maternity facilities to pregnant and lactating women.


April 12 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Day of Human Space Flight
  • Purpose : The day remembers the first human space flight on April 12, 1961.


April 14 2015


  • Remembered Day : Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar – 124th Birth Anniversary Google came up with a doodle to mark the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. The doodle which featured a picture of Babasaheb.


April 17 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Hemophilia Day Theme: Building a family of support
  • Purpose : Awareness about Hemophilia and other Bleeding disorders in stressed.


April 18 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Heritage Day
  • Purpose : Aim to create awareness among the people to conserve and protect the valuable assets and cultural heritage across the world.


April 21 2015


  • Remembered Day : Ninth National Civil Services Day
  • Purpose : The day is observed by all Civil Services to re-dedicate and re-commit themselves to the cause of the people.


April 22 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Mother Earth Day Theme: ‘It’s our turn to lead’
  • Purpose : Day promotes a view of the Earth as the entity that sustains all living things found in nature


April 23 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Book and Copyright Day
  • World Book Capital 2015 : Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Purpose : Day was mainly chosen on basis that notable authors like Cervantes,Shakesphere, Garcilasco, who passed away on this day.


  • Remembered Day : English Language Day
  • Purpose : Aims to entertain and inform people about the history, culture and achievements associated with the language.


April 24 2015


  • Remembered Day : National Panchayati Day
  • Purpose : The day marks the passing of Constitution[73rd Amendment]Act 1992 , that came into force from 24th of April 1993.


April 25 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Malaria Day
  • Theme : invest in future and defeat malaria
  • Purpose : To recognise the global efforts to control malaria. It is an occasion to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria control and elimination.


April 26 2015


  • Remembered Day: World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day)
  • Purpose: Aims to increase people’s awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP).


April 28 2015


  • Remembered Day : World Day for Safety and Health at Work
  • Theme : “Join in building a culture of prevention on Occupational Safety and Health”
  • Purpose : Aims to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, boost social protection, and strengthen dialogue in work-related issues.


April 29 2015


  • Remembered Day : Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare
  • Purpose: Day gives chance for all the people to remember and show their gratitude to the victims of chemical warfare.


  • Remembered Day : World Dance Day
  • Purpose : Aim to attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dance.


April 30 2015


  • Remembered Day : International Jazz Day
  • Purpose : Day is to promote peace,dialogue among various cultures, diversity, eradicating discrimination,respect of human dignity, promotion gender equality and individual expression.


April 24 – 30 2015


  • Remembered Week : World Immunization Week [WHO] April 14 – 20 2015
  • Remembered Week : Fire Prevention Week


April 14 – 20 2015


  • Remembered Week : Prevention of Blindness Week




May 1 2015


  • Remembered for : International Labours Day


May 3 2015


  • Remembered for : World Press Freedom Day
  • Theme : “Let journalism thrive! towards better reporting,gender equality,media safety in the digital age”
  • Purpose : This day gives an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental principles to evaluate press freedom, to assess the state of freedom of press all over the world and to defend the media from attacks on their independence.


May 4 2015


  • Remembered for : International Buddha Poornima Diwas


May 5 2015


  • Remembered for : (first tuesday of the May) World Asthma Day
  • Theme : You can control your Asthma and the sub-theme : It’s time to control your Asthma.
  • Purpose : To increase the awareness about this disease among the people. The May month is also known as Asthma Awareness Month. GINA or Global Initiative for Asthma, organises this annual event to create awareness and promote ways to cure the disease around the world.


  • Remembered for : International Day of the Midwife
  • Purpose : To increase the awareness about the contribution of the midwives towards the patients all over the world.


May 8 2015


  • Remembered for : World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
  • Theme : Power of Humanity: The Fundamental Principles in Action


8 – 9 May 2015


  • Remembered for : Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War
  • Purpose : The UN General Assembly declared 8-9 May as a time of remembrance and reconciliation and, while recognizing that Member States may have individual days of victory, liberation and commemoration, invited all Member States, organizations of the United Nations System, non-governmental organizations and individuals to observe annually either one or both of these days in an appropriate manner to pay tribute to all victims of the Second World War.


9 – 10 May 2015


  • Remembered for : World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)
  • Theme : Energy – make it bird-friendly
  • Purpose : It is an annual awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats


May 10 2015


  • Remembered for : Mother’s Day (second Sunday of the month of May)
  • Purpose : celebrated every year to honour and respect a mother.


May 11 2015


  • Remembered for : National Technology Day.
  • Purpose : Celebrated since 1999.The day glorifies the importance of science in day to day life and motivates students to adopt science as the career option.It is celebrated annually all over the India to commemorate technological breakthroughs.


May 12 2015


  • Remembered for : International nurses day
  • Purpose : celebrated every year on the birthday of Florence Nightingale


May 15 2015


  • Remembered for : International Day of Families.
  • Theme: Men in Charge? Gender Equality and Childrenn’s rights in Contemporary Families.
  • Purpose : Reflects the importance the international community attaches to families.The 2015 observance of the International Day of Families aims to promote gender equality and rights of children within families.It will also highlight prevention of family violence through fair family law frameworks and a variety of programme interventions.


May 17th 2015


  • Remembered for : World Telecommunication and Information Society Day


May 20th 2015


  • Remembered for : Clinical Trials Day
  • Theme : “Patients First”
  • Purpose : A nation wide advocacy programme known as NavChetana is launched by by ISCR in order to create an enabling environment for clinical research by raising awareness of its role.To bring clinical research back on track in India. Many steps are been taken by the Indian regulators.


May 21st 2015


  • Remembered for : Anti Terrorism Day/ Martyrdom of Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
  • Purpose : The day is annually observed on the death anniversary of seventh Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who was assassinated at an election rally near Chennai by a suicide bomber from the LTTE on 21 May 1991.This is to create awareness for combating terrorism.


  • Remembered for : World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
  • Theme : Sharing Culture for a Shared Security
  • Purpose : The day provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity.


May 22nd 2015


  • Remembered for : International Day for Biological Diversity
  • Theme : Biodiversity For Sustainable Development .
  • Purpose : International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated to recognize the role of biodiversity to life on earth and human well being.


May 23rd 2015


  • Remembered for : United Nations day that is aimed at ending Obstetric Fistula
  • Theme : End fistula. Restore Womenas Digmitrn.
  • Purpose : To promote action toward treating and preventing Obstetric fistula, a condition affecting many women in developing nations. Fund raisers, mobile van campaigns, media announcements are few events that promote the International day to end Obstetric Fistula.


  • Remembered for : World Turtle Day
  • Purpose : The purpose of the observance is to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and tortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive.


May 25 2015


  • Remembered for : International Missing Children’s Day


May 29th 2015


  • Remembered for : International Day of UN Peacekeepers
  • Theme : UN70 and UN Peacekeeping: Past, Present, and Future
  • Purpose : It is an occasion to salute the peacekeepers of today who serve in sone of the woeld’s nost volatile and dangerous environments. This Day is also a time to mourn fallen peacekeepers.


May 31st 2015


  • Remembered for : World No Tobacco Day
  • Theme : Stop illicit trade of tobacco products
  • Purpose : To Eliminate consumption of Tobacco Products to curb the financial, legal and health impacts of tobacco consumption.




June 1,2015


  • Remember Day : World Milk Day.
  • Organization : SAMPRO.
  • Purpose : It is celebrated to increase the common public awareness about all aspects of the natural milk such as its natural origin,milk nutritional value and various milk products including its economic importance throughout the globe.
  • Theme : “Milk is the First Food for Human” and “World Class Nutrition”.


  • Remember Day : Global Day of Parents
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To honor parents and their commitment to children worldwide.


June 2,2015


  • Remember Day : International Sex Workers Day (International Whore’s Day)
  • Organization : Nicaraguan HIV/AIDS Commission.
  • Purpose : The International Whore’s Day is a celebratory day, which remembers the discrimination of prostitutes and their often exploitative living and conditions of working.


  • Remember Day : Kailash Saga Dawa Festival.
  • Organization : India.
  • Purpose : Saga Dawa Festival celebrates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death, or attaining of Nirvana. It is the most important religious festival observed by the entire Buddhist world.


June 4,2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.
  • Organized : UNHCR.
  • Purpose : Acknowledge the pain suffered by children throughout the world,who are the victims of physical,mental and emotional abuse.
  • Theme: To protect the rights of children.


June 5,2015


  • Remember Day : World Environment Day.
  • Organized : UNEP.
  • Purpose : Raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth.
  • Theme : Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.


June 7,2015


  • Remember Day : National Cancer Survivors Day
  • Organized : US
  • Purpose : Communities honor cancer survivors for their strength and courage and recognize the contribution of families and friends.
  • Theme : Strike Out Cancer,Give Cancer the Boot.


June 8,2015


  • Remember Day : World Oceans Day.
  • Organized : UNESCO.
  • Purpose : To honor the world’s ocean,celebrate the products the ocean provides and also to appreciate it’s own intrinsic value.
  • Theme : Healthy oceans, healthy planet.


June 12,2015


  • Remember Day : Anti-Child Labour Day.
  • Organized : International Labour Organization
  • Purpose : To provides an opportunity to gain further support of individual gov and social partners to campaign against child labour.
  • Theme : “NO to child labour – YES to quality education”


June 13,2015


  • Remember Day : International Albinism Awareness Day
  • Organized : UN
  • Purpose : To raise public awareness of albinism and prevent attacks and discrimination against persons with albinism.


June 14,2015


  • Remember Day : World Blood Donor Day.
  • Organized : WHO,WBBD.
  • Purpose : To raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products,and to thank blood donors for their voluntary,life-saving gifts of blood.
  • Theme : Thank you for saving my life.


June 15,2015


  • Remember Day : World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.
  • Organised : WHO.
  • Purpose : To raise the visibility of elder abuse by sharing information about abuse,neglect and exploitation in later life.
  • Theme : Back to the future.


June 17,2015


  • Remember Day : World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.
  • Organized : UNCCD.
  • Purpose : To promote public awareness relating to international cooperation to combat desertification and the effects of drought.
  • Theme : Attainment of food security for all through sustainable food systems.


June 20,2015


  • Remember Day : World Refugee Day.
  • Organized : UNHR.
  • Purpose : To raise the public awareness about refugee’s situations throughout the world Theme: With courage let us all combine.


June 21,2015


  • Remember Day : 1st International Yoga Day – 21 June 2015
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : Aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.
  • Remember Day: Father’s Day.
  • Purpose : To celebrates fatherhood and male parenting.


June 23,2015


  • Remember Day : Public Service Day
  • Organization : UNPAN
  • Purpose : It recognizes that democracy and successful governance are built on the foundation of a competent civil service and aims to celebrate the value and virtue of service to the community.
  • Theme : Proudly Serving Candians.


  • Remember Day : International Widows Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To address poverty and injustice faced by widows and their children in many countries.


June 25,2015


  • Remember Day : World Vitiligo Day
  • Purpose : Aims to increase awareness about vitiligo and raise funds needed for research and education.


  • Remember Day : Day of the Seafarer
  • Organization : International Maritime Organization
  • Purpose : To remember the importance of seafarers for our world.
  • Theme : “A Career At Sea”


June 26,2015


  • Remember Day : International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
  • Organization : IRCT
  • Purpose : To gives us the opportunity to stand united and remind the world that torture is a cruel violation of human rights.
  • Theme : Right to Rehabiliation.


  • Remember Day : International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.
  • Organization : UNODC.
  • Purpose : To raise awareness about the global drug problem. Health is the ongoing theme of the world drug campaign.
  • Theme : Let’s Develop Our Lives, Our Communities, Our Identities Without Drugs.


June 29,2015


  • Remember Day : Statistics Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : In recognition of the notable contributions made by Late Prof. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis in the fields of economic planning and statistical development.
  • Theme : Labour and Employment Statistics


June 30,2015


  • Remember Day : International Mango Festival.
  • Organization : Delhi Tourism
  • Purpose : To create awareness about the versatility of the fruit,its rich varieties, gourmet value, and importance as an ingredient in appetizing dishes in both its raw and ripe forms
  • Theme : Wildlife Conservation.




July 4 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Cooperatives Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To increase awareness on cooperatives, as well as strengthen and extend partnerships between the international cooperative movement and other supporting organizations including governments. It is observed on the first Saturday of July each year.
  • Theme : Choose co-operative, choose equality


July 6 2015


  • Remember Day : World Zoonosis Day
  • Purpose : To educate and create public awareness about the importance of zoonoses.


July 11 2015


  • Remember Day : World Population Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues in the context of overall development plans and programmes and the need to find solutions for these issues.
  • Theme : Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies


July 12 2015


  • Remember Day : Malala Day
  • Purpose : It is a day to stand up for the rights of all children to receive a full, free, and adequate education.


July 15 2015


  • Remember Day : World Youth Skills Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To raise awareness about the importance of investing in youth skills development.
  • Theme : Youth skills for work and life in the post-2015 agenda


July 17 2015


  • Remember Day : International Justice Day/Day of International Criminal Justice
  • Purpose : It marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute on 17 July 1998, the founding treaty of the ICC, which seeks to protect people from genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression.


July 18 2015


  • Remember Day : Nelson Mandela International Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July.


July 23 2015


  • Remember Day : National Broadcasting Day Observed Across
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : On this day in 1927, Indian Broadcasting Company(IBC) began organized radio broadcasting from Bombay station.


July 26 2015


  • Remember Day : Kargil Vijay Diwas
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : To honour of the Kargil War’s Heroes


July 28 2015


  • Remember Day : World Hepatitis Day Organization: World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Purpose : To promote awareness of hepatitis, a disease that affects the liver.
  • Theme : “Prevent Hepatitis:It’s upto u”


July 29 2015


  • Remember Day : International Tiger Day
  • Purpose  : To promote the protection and expansion of the wild tiger habitats and to gain support through awareness for tiger conservation.


July 30 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Friendship
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To promotes the role that friendship plays in promoting peace in many cultures.


  • Remember Day : World Day against Trafficking in Persons
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To raise awareness around the plight of survivors of trafficking in persons.




Aug 1 2015


  • Remember Day : World Breast Feeeding Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To support women to combine breastfeeding and work.


Aug 6 2015


  • Remember Day : Hiroshima Day, Anti Nuclear Day
  • Organization  : Japan
  • Purpose : To commemorate dropping of Atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945


Aug 7 2015


  • Remember Day : National Handloom Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : To make better market positioning of quality handloom products


Aug 8 2015


  • Remember Day : World Senior Citizen’s Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : Recognition of senior citizens.


Aug 9 2015


  • Remember Day : Kiranti Divas(Quit India Day)
  • Organization : Gandhi for Satyagraha.
  • Purpose : For an orderly British withdrawal from India.


  • Remember Day : Nagasaki Day.
  • Organization : Japan
  • Purpose : To remember the day when Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki


  • Remember Day : International Day of world’s indigenious people
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : Ensuring indigenous peoples’ health and well-being.


Aug 10 2015


  • Remember Day : World Bio-Fuel Day
  • Purpose : Aim to create awareness about non fossil – fuels (Green Fuels).


Aug 12 2015


  • Remember Day : International Youth Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To engage the participation of youth is essential to achieve sustainable human development.


Aug 12 2015


  • Remember Day : Elephant Day
  • Organization : Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT)
  • Purpose : To the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants.


Aug 14 2015


  • Remember Day : Pakistan’s Independence Day
  • Organization : Pakistan


Aug 15 2015


  • Remember Day : India’s Independence Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : To commemorate dropping of Atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945


Aug 19 2015


  • Remember Day : World Photography Day,
  • Purpose : Anniversary of the first photographic process patent
  • Remember Day : World Humanitarian Day
  • Organization : United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)
  • Purpose : Observed with theme Inspiring the World’s Humanity


Aug 20 2015


  • Remember Day : Sadbahavana Divas or Harmony Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : To commemorate the birth anniversary of the earlier PM Rajiv Gandhi.


Aug 23 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition,
  • Organization : UNESCO
  • Purpose : To memorialize the transatlantic slave trade.


Aug 29 2015


  • Remember Day : National Sports Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : To marks the birthday of Dhyan Chand


Aug 30 2015


  • Remember Day : Small Industry Day




Sep 2 2015


  • Remember Day : World Coconut Day Organization: Asian and Pacific Coconut Community
  • Purpose : Importance of this tree should be propagated and made awareness
  • Theme : Coconut for Family Nutrition, Health and Wellness


Sep 5 2015


  • Remember Day : National Teachers Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday
  • Theme : Teachers for gender equality


  • Remember Day : International Day of Charity(death of Mother Teresa)
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To save and improve people’s lives, fighting disease, protecting children


Sep 6 2015


  • Remember Day : Ceasefire or Peace Day
  • Organization : Nagaland
  • Purpose : To marks the signing of ceasefire agreement between Naga outfit leaders of Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) and GOI


Sep 8 2015


  • Remember Day : International Literacy Day
  • Organization : UNESCO
  • Purpose : To exploration of critical links and synergy between literacy and the future Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Theme : Literacy and Sustainable Societies


Sep 10 2015


  • Remember Day : World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Organization : WHO and International Association for Suicide Prevention(IASP)
  • Purpose : To provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides
  • Theme : Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out & Saving Lives


Sep 12 2015


  • Remember Day : United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To provide possible opportunities for developing countries and also such countries with economies in transition.
  • Theme : Scaling-up Global Support for South-South


Sep 14 2015


  • Remember Day : Hindi Diwas Organization: India
  • Purpose : To propagate the Hindi language and its cultural heritage and values
  • Theme : Hindi Meri Pehchan


Sep 15 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Democracy
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To implement a new development agenda, agreed to by all the nations worldwide.
  • Theme: Space for Civil Society


  • Remember Day : National Engineer’s Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : Birth anniversary of an engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.
  • Theme : Engineering Challenges for Knowledge Era


Sep 16 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : For the Preservation of the Ozone Layer commemorate the date of the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987
  • Theme : 30 Years of Healing the Ozone Together


Sep 19 2015


  • Remember Day : International Red Panda Day
  • Purpose : Raising awareness about species conservation


Sep 21 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Peace
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence
  • Theme : Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All


  • Remember Day : World Alzheimer’s Day
  • Organization : WHO
  • Purpose : To raise awareness on Alzheimer’s disease


Sep 22 2015


  • Remember Day : World Rhino Day
  • Purpose : To conserve the world’s five species of rhino
  • Theme : What is Home Sweet Home For The Rhino?


Sep 24 2015


  • Remember Day : World Maritime Day
  • Organization : UN and IMO
  • Purpose : To focus attention on the wider spectrum of maritime education and training
  • Theme : Maritime education and training


Sep 26 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To enhance public awareness and education about the threat posed to humanity by nuclear weapons.
  • Theme : Maintaining the Caribbean and Latin America as a Zone of Peace


Sep 27 2015


  • Remember Day : World Tourism Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To raise awareness of the important impact tourism
  • Theme : One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities


  • Remember Day : World Deaf Day Organization: World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)
  • Purpose : To raise awareness about the deaf community at individual, community and governmental level.
  • Theme : Connect and Communicate


Sep 29 2015


  • Remember Day : World Heart Day Organization: World Health Federation(WHF)
  • Purpose : To improve health globally by encouraging people to make lifestyle changes and promoting education internationally about Heart.
  • Theme : Creating heart-healthy environments


Sep 30 2015


  • Remember Day : International Translation Day
  • Organization : FIT(International Federation of Translators)
  • Purpose : To show solidarity of the worldwide translation community in an effort to promote the translation
  • Theme : The Changing Face of Translation and Interpreting




Oct 1 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Older Persons
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To aware the people around the world about issues which affects our senior citizens and to appreciate their contributions which makes to society.
  • Theme : Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment


  • Remember Day : World Vegetarian Day Organization: International Vegetarian Union
  • Purpose : To promote the joy, compassion and life – enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism.


Oct 2 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Non-Violence is observed
  • Organization : UNESCO
  • Purpose : 146th Birth anniversary of “Father of Nation” Mahatma Gandhi.


Oct 5 2015


  • Remember Day : World Habitat Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To raise awareness about the need for well-designed and managed public spaces and streets.


Oct 8 2015


  • Remember Day : World sight day
  • Organization : WHO
  • Purpose : To banish causes of avoidable blindness and visual impairment Theme: Eyes care for all


Oct 9 2015


  • Remember Day : World Post day
  • Purpose : Aims increase the awareness of people about the postal
  • Theme : Tell us about the world you want to grow up in


  • Remember Day : World Egg Day 2015
  • Purpose : To encourage everyone to eat eggs for health and also to ensure the prosperity of egg industry.
  • Theme : One Ingredient, Many Regional Dishes


Oct 10 2015


  • Remember Day : World Day against the Death Penalty
  • Purpose : Aimed at to abolish capital punishment against drug crime.
  • Theme : The Death Penalty does not stop drug crimes


  • Remember Day : World Mental Health Day
  • Organization : WHO
  • Purpose : To stop violation and discrimination against the persons who are suffering from mental health conditions.
  • Theme : Dignity in mental health


Oct 11 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of the Girl Child
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world
  • Theme : The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030


Nov 6 2015


  • Remember Day : Constitution Day
  • Organization : India
  • Purpose : For creating awareness on people about the the immense contributions of the chief architect of Indian Constitution


Oct 12 2015


  • Remember Day : World Arthritis Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To raise awareness of the condition and make sure that sufferers and caregivers know all the support and help that is available to them.
  • Theme : It’s in your hands, take action.


Oct 13 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day for Disaster Reduction
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To raise awareness(UN) among people and communities about the importance of DRR
  • Theme : Knowledge for Life

Oct 14 2015


  • Remember Day : World Standards Day
  • Purpose : To raise awareness about standardization among regulators, industry and consumers
  • Theme : Standards, the World’s Common Language


Oct 15 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day of Rural Women
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To rise to profile of rural women


  • Remember Day : Youth awakening day
  • Organization : Tamilnadu
  • Purpose : Commemorating Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 84th birthday O


Oct 16 2015


  • Remember Day : World Food Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To incorporating social protection programmes into national development strategies and policies.
  • Theme : Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty

Oct 17 2015


  • Remember Day : International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To recognize the effort and struggle of people living in poverty.
  • Theme : Building a sustainable future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination”


Oct 20 2015


  • Remember Day : World Statistics Day
  • Organization : UN
  • Purpose : To emphasizes the critical role of high-quality official statistical information in analysis and informed policy decision-making in support of sustainable development
  • Theme : Better Data, Better Live


Oct 21 2015


  • Remember Day: Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day
  • Organization: UNICEF
  • Purpose: To highlight the consequences of iodine deficiency and to raise awareness about adequate use of iodine
  • Theme: Keep Iodine Intake at a Healthy Level to Ensure Good Mental Development.


Oct 22 2015


  • Remember Day: Car-Free Day
  • Organization: Delhi
  • Purpose: To encourage the city residents to use public transport and reduce pollution and traffic congestion


Oct 24 2015


  • Remember Day: United Nations Day
  • Organization: UN
  • Purpose: To recognize the achievements of the United Nations Organization.
  • Theme: Strong UN Better World


Oct 24 2015


  • Remember Day: World Development Information Day
  • Organization: UN
  • Purpose: To draw the attention of world public opinion to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve them.


Oct 28 2015


  • Remember Day: International Animation Day
  • Organization: UNESCO
  • Purpose: To commemorates the first public performance of Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optiqueat the Grevin Museum


Oct 27 2015


  • Remember Day: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
  • Organization: UNESCO
  • Purpose:To raising public awareness of the need for preservation.
  • Theme: Archives at Risk: Protecting the World’s Identities


Oct 31 2015


  • Remember Day: World Cities Day
  • Organization: UN
  • Purpose: To greatly promote the international community’s interest in global urbanisation, push forward cooperation among countries in meeting.
  • Theme: To promotes togetherness and harmony, making our cities and neighbourhoods inclusive and livable .


  • Remember Day: World Savings Day
  • Organization: WSBI
  • Purpose: To attain a higher standard of life and to secure the economy




Nov 2 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
  • Purpose: To honour journalists and media workers
  • Organization: UN


Nov 6 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
  • Purpose: For Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict.
  • Organization: UN


  • Remember Day: National Legal Services Day
  • Purpose: To ensure reasonable fair and justice procedure for all citizens.
  • Organization: India


Nov 10 2015


  • Remember Day: World Science Day for Peace and Development
  • Purpose: To demonstrate to the wider public why science is relevant to their daily lives.
  • Organization: UNESCO, World Conference on Science.
  • Theme : Science for a Sustainable Future.


Nov 11 2015


  • Remember Day: National education day
  • Purpose: To commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad(1st first education minister of India)
  • Organization: India


Nov 12 2015


  • Remember Day: Public Service Broadcasting Day
  • Purpose: In the memory of the first addressed by Mahatma Gandhi on All India Radio (AIR) in 1947.
  • Organization: India, AIR


  • Remember Day: World Pneumonia Day
  • Purpose: To create public awareness about pneumoni
  • Organization: Global Health Council
  • Theme: “Every Breath Counts: Stop Pneumonia Now”


Nov 13 2015


  • Remember Day : World Kindness Day
  • Purpose: To encourages individuals to overlook boundaries, race and religion.
  • Organization: NGOs


Nov 14 2015


  • Remember Day: World Diabetes Day
  • Purpose: To raise awareness of Diabetes and related causess
  • Organization: WHO
  • Theme : Healthy Living starts at Breakfast


  • Remember Day: Children’s Day – Bal Divas
  • Purpose: To increase the awareness towards the rights, care and education of children
  • Organization: India.


Nov 15 2015


  • Remember Day: World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
  • Purpose: To remember the many millions killed and injured on the world’s roads, together with their families, friends
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme: “It’s time to Remember – Say NO to Road Crime!”


Nov 16 2015


  • Remember Day: : International Day for Tolerance
  • Purpose: To generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance.
  • Organization: UNESCO
  • Theme: “Mobilization and Involvement of Health Personnel to Accelerate Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation”


  • Remember Day: National Press Day
  • Purpose: It is a symbolic of a free and responsible press in India.
  • Organization: India
  • Theme: ‘Transparency in Public Affairs: The role of the Press’


Nov 19 2015


  • Remember Day: World Toilet Day
  • Purpose: To motivate and mobilize millions around the world on issues of sanitation
  • Organization: World Toilet Organization
  • Theme: ‘Toilets and nutrition’


Nov 20 2015


  • Remember Day: Universal Children’s Day
  • Purpose: To promote the objectives outlined in the Charter and for the welfare of children.
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme: “Stop Violence Against Children”


  • Remember Day: world philosophy day
  • Purpose: to honor the philosophical reflections and works of philosophy by people around the world, through ages
  • Organization: UNESCO


Nov 21 2015


  • Remember Day: World television day
  • Purpose: To remember the first ever World Television Forum held first in 1996
  • Organization: UN


Nov 25 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • Purpose: To raise awareness of the fact that women around the world are subject to rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence.
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme: ‘Orange the World’ campaign kicks off efforts to end violence against women and girls’.


Nov 26 2015


  • Remember Day: First National Constitution Day,
  • Purpose: To mark the 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar.
  • Organization: India


  • Remember Day: National Milk Day
  • Purpose: To marks the birth anniversary Varghese Kurien.
  • Organization: India


Nov 29 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
  • Purpose: To mark the anniversary of resolution 181.
  • Organization: UN




Dec 1 2015


  • Remember Day: World AIDS Day
  • Purpose : To raises awareness across the world and in the community about the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS.
  • Organization: WHO
  • Theme : “Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths”


Dec 2 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
  • Purpose: Anniversary of the United Nations adopting the Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic.
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme : “Women and Slavery”


Dec 3 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • Purpose: To promote awareness and activatesupport for critical issues regarding inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and development.
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme : Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities


Dec 4 2015


  • Remember Day: Navy Day
  • Purpose: To commemorate the courageous attack on the Karachi harbor during the Indo- Pakistan war
  • Organization: India
  • Theme : “Indian Navy – Ensuring Secure Seas for a Resurgent Nation.”


Dec 5 2015


  • Remember Day: International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
  • Purpose: For volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, to share their values, and to promote their work
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme : “The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer! “


Dec 7 2015


  • Remember Day: International Civil Aviation Day
  • Purpose: : To raise awareness of the importance of international civil aviation
  • Organization: UN, ICAO


Dec 9 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide
  • Purpose: Anniversary of the adoption of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
  • Organization: UN


  • Remember Day: International Anti-corruption day
  • Purpose: To raise awareness of corruption
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme : “Break the corruption chain”


Dec 10 2015


  • Remember Day: Human Rights Day
  • Purpose: To honour the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamationof the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
  • Organization: UN, UDHR
  • Theme : “Our Rights, Our Freedoms, Always”


Dec 11 2015


  • Remember Day: International Mountain Day
  • Purpose: To create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development.
  • Organization: UN, FAO
  • Theme : “Promoting mountain products for better livelihoods”.


Dec 14 2015


  • Remember Day: National Energy Conservation Day
  • Purpose: To aware people about the importance of energy
  • Organization: India


Dec 17 2015


  • Remember Day: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
  • Purpose: To highlight the need for action to end violence against sex workers.
  • Organization: UN,ICRSE
  • Theme : Stigma & Discrimination


Dec 18 2015


  • Remember Day: International Migrants Day
  • Purpose: To remember the refugees and migrants who have lost their lives or have disappeared while trying to reach safe harbour.
  • Organization: UN


Dec 20 2015


  • Remember Day: International Human Solidarity Day
  • Purpose: To remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements.
  • Organization: UN
  • Theme : “Shared Progress & Prosperity based on global solidarity”.


Dec 22 2015


  • Remember Day: National Mathematics Day
  • Purpose: To commemorate birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan
  • Organization: India


Dec 24 2015


  • Remember Day: National consumer day
  • Purpose: To remember the day when the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 had received the assent of the President.
  • Organization: India
  • Theme : Safe and Healthy Food: Combating Food Adulteration”.


Dec 25 2015 :


  • Remember Day: National Good Governance Day
  • Purpose: To mark the birth anniversary of former-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • Organization: India