Father of the Subjects

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Father of the Subjects

  • Father of Ayurveda: Charaka
  • Father of Biology: Aristotle
  • Father of Physics: Albert Einstein
  • Father of Statistics: Ronald Fisher
  • Father of Zoology: Aristotle
  • Father of History: Herodotus
  • Father of Microbiology: Louis Pasteur
  • Father of Botany: Theophrastus
  • Father of Algebra: Diophantus
  • Father of Blood groups: Landsteiner
  • Father of Electricity: Benjamin Franklin
  • Father of Trigonometry: Hipparchus
  • Father of Geometry: Euclid
  • Father of Modern Chemistry: Antoine Lavoisier
  • Father of Robotics: Nikola Tesla
  • Father of Electronics: Ray Tomlinson
  • Father of Internet: Vinton Cerf
  • Father of Economics: Adam Smith
  • Father of Video game: Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr.
  • Father of Architecture: Imhotep
  • Father of Genetics: Gregor Johann Mendel
  • Father of Nanotechnology: Richard Smalley
  • Father of Robotics:Al-Jazari
  • Father of C language: Dennis Ritchie
  • Father of World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee
  • Father of Search engine: Alan Emtage
  • Father of Periodic table: Dmitri Mendeleev
  • Father of Taxonomy: Carolus Linnaeus
  • Father of Surgery (early): Sushruta
  • Father of Mathematics: Archimedes
  • Father of Medicine: Hippocrates
  • Father of Homeopathy: Samuel Hahnemann
  • Father of Law: Cicero
  • Father of the American Constitution: James Madison
  • Father of the Indian Constitution: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  • Father of the Green Revolution: Norman Ernest Borlaug
  • Father of the Green Revolution in India: M.S Swaminathan

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